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Welcome to, European dating site that sets itself apart by being absolutely, 100% free of charge to join and create a free profile. We specialize in providing an open meeting place for people from all corners of Europe to meet, make friends, practice their English or maybe even find true love. From Moscow to Paris, Stockholm to Sicily, we provide all of our free members with an easy-to-use, online space where they can meet and chat with members from other cultures or their own.

The moment a new member signs up, the whole site is open to them to explore. After filling out their own personal profile, they begin to show up in other members search results so within minutes of registering for WestEastCafe you can automatically start meeting new people.

Alternatively, if you're looking for something specific in a partner, friend or English practice-partner all it takes is one click to get to our "I'd Like to Meet Page". Here we display a list of all the people on the website who match the criteria you've said you're looking for in your profile. It's that simple!

One click and you can have your pick of all the members of our site that interest you & check out their profile, email them, send them a flirty smile and then, who knows? Unlike most other dating sites on the web, all of this (and more that I'll tell you about in a moment) comes completely free of charge when you sign up as a free member of our site. However, if you're worried about the privacy of your profile and pictures at West East Caf?? then rest assured: your pictures, audio and video albums are only visible to other Caf?? members. Think of it as a members-only club; what goes in the Caf?? stays in the Caf??, so feel free to let your hair down a little and relax around your fellow members and friends. All messages between members are also absolutely private so don't let shyness get in the way of you having a good time at our Caf??!

With user-friendly mail, instant messenger and video chat between members, tools for sharing audio and video files and unlimited photos, is not only one of the cheapest dating sites online, it is also perhaps one of the cheapest and most effective sites for practicing your English. Find native English speakers at the click of a mouse and improve your English by chatting on our Instant Messaging client, or even practicing your pronunciation through audio and video uploads. All of this is laid out on our very simple yet homely, easy-to-navigate members site and every feature is designed for a computer novice to be able to use it just as easily as an I.T expert.

In a nutshell: is a place where people from all over Europe meet to chat, relax, practice their English with native speakers and look for love. It's a comfy place to be, easy to find your way around and meet new people without embarrassment. With your privacy fully assured you can feel free to post pictures or videos of yourself, let your hair down and have fun chatting with other members via private mail. However, perhaps the best part of is that every cool feature is absolutely, 100% free to register and create a profile, forever.

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So, what are you waiting for! With a Caf?? full of friendly members from all over Europe waiting to talk to you, why not sign up for your free members account and start meeting new people. Just click 'Sign me up!' below to get started. Coffee Mugs | Feedback Forum | Contact Form

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