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I've always wanted to marry a Russian woman

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I've always wanted to marry a Russian woman, they always seem to carry themselves so elegantly, but living in the UK I just didn't know where to start. Then one day I was googling free dating sites and I came across your site and I can't tell you how easily and quickly my dreams were fulfilled from then on in! Signing up was so easy and thankfully free (I'm retired now so I don't bring in a lot) and there were so many gorgeous Russian women and Hungarian and Bulgarian on there, I almost felt spoilt for choice!

Before I found this site, dating a Russian woman felt out of my grasp. I thought I'd have to take a few holidays in Moscow, study a phrase book and frequent the local pubs and clubs before even getting a look in. Yet, within a few weeks of signing up I found myself on a date with the lovely Anya, my first date in years, she spoke perfect English and happened to be living in London at the time. I never would have thought that for me, living in Guildford, finding and dating a Russian woman would be so simple.

I soon found that I was seeing more women now than I ever had in my life, only a few months after finding your website! Finally, about a year after first chancing upon your website, I met Aleksandra and it was practically love at first sight. She was everything I was looking for, a tall, beautiful Russian woman with gorgeous green eyes and that characteristic, wavy, raven-black Slavic hair. After a few months of dating, exchanging flirty emails and messages on the site when we couldn't be together, we finally took the plunge and got married.

I'm telling you, if you'd told me a year ago that I'd be married to a Russian woman before long I'd have laughed at you. Even the idea of dating a Russian woman seemed out of my reach, as I've said. But, now we're married and living happily together here in the UK, all thanks to WestEastCafe. I have everything to thank you for sir, I love your website and what it has done for me and my life. Feel free to post this testimonial on the site. I want others like me to know how easy it is when they know where to look.

Arthur Rouncewell

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