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In all my years using dating services online, I've never found a free dating website of the same quality as yours. Not only is every single feature free for every member, but the website is well designed and never breaks down like certain other sites I've used often do. There are very few genuine free dating services on the web, but yours is one of the diamonds in the rough. There are many websites that claim to offer free dating services but you find yourself entering credit card information during the sign up process and end up finding out that it costs money just to email someone you're interested in. I was glad to find that with your site, it took me less than 2 minutes to sign up and that I haven't been charged a penny for searching members, contacting them or anything else since! Not only that, yours has to be the best quality free dating website I've ever used for reasons I've already mentioned.

Now to my personal story using your free dating service I've met many wonderful women from all over Europe and the world. I've gone from being a rather lonely divorc?? to someone who regularly dates more than one woman a week. Meeting women for free on your dating website is something that comes easy, without the embarrassment of approaching women in public, at work or at a bar. I used to get nervous when meeting new people, women especially, but after using your free dating website for a couple of months now, I'm getting more and more comfortable with new people and my success speaks for itself. I'm meeting new women all the time thanks to your free dating service and having a great time going out for drinks on the weekend or to the cinema, miniature golf e.t.c

Back to my point, I wrote you to thank you for providing such a great free dating service. Believe me when I tell you I've tried them all and I'm genuinely glad that I've found yours. There aren't many free dating websites online and most of them are poorly designed, badly functioning sites full of desperate and unattractive people nothing like your site at all. It's great to know that I can come online any time and meet women using your free dating service without leaving my house, putting too much info about myself in my profile or having to pay.

Chris Powell

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