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How to Write a Good Personal Ad

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If you want to attract people and get them to interact with you, there are some things that you can do:

1. Complete your personal ad profile fully and accurately. Be informative, be thorough, be of interest.

2. Add a portrait. Members with photos in their profiles are likely to get up to 8 times more visits than members without any photo image attached to their profile. So there are that many more people that are finding you. Even if you are not a photogenic model, any portrait is far better than none at all.

2. Be different and unique. Create your own style. What makes a personal ad boring is that it looks like the same as the others. Make an exclusive claim of your personal ad. This will make your individuality a lot visible. And this will set you among the rest. Avoid creating an impression that you are boring.

4. Emphasize your best characteristics. Make your personal ad truthful above all things, but also emphasize your best characteristics. Admitting that you are a loner who has no friends will not win you new friends usually. But emphasizing that you are a true individual with unique genuine properties, will. Don't under estimate yourself and show your best qualities.

5. Don't turn dating into a job interview. Making a list of specific criteria a future partner must meet usually has the effect of making people look elsewhere. Even if they match.

6. Be yourself. It's easy to overdo it, exaggerate and tell people something that you'd wish you were rather than who you really are. But this doesn't work in the long run. Don't try and hide the things that are important to you. If you love fishing, say so, if your religion is important to you, say so. The worst thing you can do is change who you are just so you can begin dating.

7. Be patient. It takes time to find someone special but it does work.

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