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Frequently Asked Questions

How is different from the other social networking and dating sites?
This is one question that many people have asked us. is different from other websites because we follow a laid back attitude when it comes to dating and practising English language skills. We identify ourselves as a complete leisure site which gives lots of freedom to members to browse other members and strike up conversations. As a result, you can find your dating partner, improve your English, spend sometime to know about each other before going ahead and meeting. This is what makes different from the other social networking sites.

Do members have any limitations and bindings when using the site?
The membership to the site is absolutely free and members have no bindings on using the site. There are however some limitations that we have put in place to safeguard the interest of the members. Some of the limitations are non usage of racial, sexual and other offensive material either on your profile and preferably while interacting with other members. We feel that by imposing these limitations we can make a truly world class free dating site where members can freely share their views and interact with other people who have similar views.

What are the features that are available to members of the site?
There are various features that are available to members of As a member of our portal you can not only view other members profile but also contact them via messenger, e-mail, photo, video and audio albums. The website acts as a bridge between people of Eastern and Western Europe and members can find their soul mates using the site. Being a free site there is absolutely no bindings on people to use and enjoy the features of the site.

How is the site helpful for people who are moving to another country in Europe?
People travel to different countries in Europe for business and for permanent residence in another country. It is difficult for them to adjust to the culture of another country and make new friends. It is all the more difficult, if you do not know anybody in that country. Our site is helpful for those people who find themselves alienated in a new country in Europe. It will help them to find new friends, people from their native country who may be staying close, probably in the same neighborhood. The aim of the site is to help people connect with each other and alleviate themselves from loneliness and boredom. We will be introducing many other features as we progress in our journey. Learn more how we can help to make new friends in a foreign country

Is there any way by which I can know whether the person I am meeting is a good person? takes all measures possible to enroll members who have a genuine intention of making friendship and networking through the site. We also put limitations on the kind of material that is being posted on our sites. Our panel also reviews information at a random frequency to ensure that the site is being used in a proper spirit. We also ensure that the privacy of our members is not at any risk. Hence, all the details of an individual is verified before being granted membership on our site. We request our members to be a little cautious when meeting with another person physically. Until the moment that one is satisfied that the person on the other end is genuine, it is advisable not to meet up. This will make a much better place to meet people and have a good time. Learn more about online dating safety.

Are there any events or activities that organizes for members?
At present we do not have any activities or events planned on the site. Going forward and depending upon the feedback we get from our members, we will try to have events and activities in which members can participate. We will look forward to your suggestions on these aspects.

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