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Hi, IĀ?m just writing to say that itĀ?s good to see a dating site that targets Europe. Also, out of the few European dating sites I have seen, this is the only one that was genuinely free and provided a service as good as yours. In fact, of all the dating sites in Europe, this one is definitely my favourite because itĀ?s so easy to use and the signup process is so hassle-free. The site design is simple and finding my way around on my first visit was really easy, unlike with some other European dating sites IĀ?ve visited. Also, there are no ads, which again is very rare for a European dating site. The girls on a lot of dating sites in Europe are also pretty ugly, but WestEastCafe has an awful lot of very pretty European girls, for some reason.

I prefer dating sites for Europe for several reasons Ā? when youĀ?re talking to girls on European dating sites, youĀ?re less likely to encounter VISA problems when they come to stay with you (or anything else, for that matter). Also, your site is an English language site that isnĀ?t flooded by Americans which keeps the guy-to-girl ratio down, which is always good. Basically, I think by providing a principally European dating site, I think you do a great service and I just wanted to write to thank you for doing what you do.

IĀ?ve met many great girls, especially Polish girls, on European dating sites and in particular using WestEastCafe. ItĀ?s certainly the easiest one to use and the one European dating site that I use the most. Hopefully, the site will continue to grow to become one of the largest European dating sites as more and more people continue to find happiness there, and a greater selection of people will appear over time. IĀ?m going to continue using the site and meeting new people for a good while to come and I hope I can watch it grow as new people join. Of all the dating sites in Europe, I canĀ?t think of one that IĀ?d rather visit on my lunch break at work or in the evenings during a spare moment. ThereĀ?s always someone new to meet or talk to on there and so IĀ?m never short of company now that IĀ?ve found Thanks a bunch for operating the site, it makes my life a great deal easier.


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