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Meeting and dating women in France

On my regular holidays and business trips in Southern France, I always used to place a few personal ads in the French papers and I was, in fact, even subscribed to a dating service in France in the hope of meeting some French women for company whilst I was over there. Of course, this cost a lot of money and didn't even help me that much with dating in France, the women using these services or replying to my ads often spoke little English and my French, ce n'est pas tres bon.

Anyway, a friend told me about your website calling it 'a free dating service for France, or anywhere else for that matter' and since I've always believed that there's no such thing as a free lunch, I was naturally skeptical. However, after a very quick registration process I found that I was able to do everything I had with my other dating service in France with your website, only for free! I felt like I had been had! All the money I'd spent placing personal ads in France when I could have just saved the money and used your website!

I was soon meeting and dating women in France straight off your website, and for free. I cancelled my monthly subscription to the French dating service and simply kept revisiting WestEastCafe and quite often meeting and dating the women I found on the website when I was on holidays in France. To be honest, to say your site has changed my life would be an understatement. I save the money I used to spend on French personal ads and dating services in France and I buy a better bottle of wine when I'm dating a woman I met on WestEastCafe!

All in all, you run a quality site that has saved me both time and money and so I thought I'd better write to congratulate you on coming up with such a great idea and helping so many people out. I hope you know the difference you make in peoples lives by providing a dating service for France and the rest of Europe. I'm now rarely short of female company when I'm in France and my life is better and happier as a result. People hoping to start dating in France with little to no skill in the French language would do better starting off here than with any other dating service in France. Feel free to publish that on your website, anywhere you like.

Thanks for everything
Dave Summerson

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