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Dating Scams: How they work

The way dating scams work is generally rather simple; most of them follow the same patterns that I will give you here only with different names and photographs attached they're so obvious, it's almost a miracle that some of them still work. Hopefully, with the help of this article and a little common sense, you'll be able to detect the general pattern of a scam and take action when you see one coming. This can take the form of reporting the scam artist to WestEastCafe, or to the provider of their mail account.

One of the most common scams is what I call the 'sign up' scam. In this scam, a girl will randomly contact you by email or via a social networking website such as Myspace, Facebook or WestEastCafe. They will ask you to contact them using a different site, and may tempt you with the promise of more explicit photographs or videos. Once you get to this website you find that it either has a registration fee before you can view her profile or message her, or charges per message you send to her. Of course, if you were to sign up and pay to message her, you would find that she didn't respond.

This is perhaps the simplest scam to avoid, either stick to free dating sites such as West East Cafe (the safest bet) or simply have more realistic expectations; a girl isn't likely to contact you out of the blue offering you sexy videos and without having spoken to you previously. As always with internet safety, common sense is the key.

Another main type of scam involves more email interchange with a girl who very quickly becomes very sentimental and romantic with you. Eventually she claims she is in dire need of finances for a hospital operation, to pay debtors, for the plane ticket to come and see you e.t.c After first convincing you that she loves you and then pleading with you for her life for money, just this once, you give it to her and suddenly never hear word from her again.

A more sinister and dangerous kind of scam does not involve money but immigration. Women from Nigeria and Eastern Europe have been known to actually hold long term distance relationships with desperate men and marry them in their own country with the intent of obtaining VISAs that allow them to work in countries such as Britain and America.

All in all, these are the main types of scams that you see repeated over and over again on the internet. Not only is the general pattern repeated, but often the actual messages sent to the victims are the exact same ones used over and over again to perpetrate the same scam. This has the upside that if you have suspicions that someone is a scammer you can simply take a line from their first message to you and copy and paste it into Google and it will often show websites where this scammer has been exposed before. There are many other ways to detect and rebuff scammers, in order to protect yourself when dating online. To read about this more in depth, see my article entitled 'Dating Scams: How to stay safe' where I explore various tips and tricks for detecting and reacting to scammers.
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