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Dating Questions to Ask

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What makes you jealous?
There are several things that make people jealous. Some times they get jealous seeing people drive brand new cars or seeing their ex-girlfriend who broke up with them, dancing in a club with another guy. That stuff really makes them turn green with envy. How about everyone else? What makes you jealous?

Do woman make the first contact 70% of the time?
Magazine say that woman are more likely to make the first contact with a guy. Are you surprised by this? Have you ever been approached by a girl? Are you always the first one to go over to the girl and start talking to her?

What do you look for in a guy?
Everyone has a certain criteria when looking for a guy. Some girls want him to be tall and good looking. This tends to be the general norm among most girls. But what else do you really want when looking for Mr. Right?

Where is the best place to meet woman?
Men try to meet woman all the time, but have not been successful meeting girls in bars. They've found this type of crowd to be cheap and not the type of girls you'd want to bring home to meet Mom and Dad. So where is the best place to meet a nice girl? Any suggestions?

Are men scared to say 'I Do'?
Many men are very reluctant to ask a girl to marry them. They will spend years going out with a girl, yet they refuse to take the relationship to the next step. When asked, why? Most men give the same old answer, 'I'm not ready to settle down'. Is that just an excuse? Is what they really want to say, 'I'm scared of commitment'?

Do long distance relationships work?
Are long distance relationships very difficult to maintain? Why do you think this is? If your committed to a person and are willing to stay with them, shouldn't the distance be a temperary inconvience? Of course there is the heart ache of not seeing the person you care about, but remember the old saying, 'distance makes the heart grow fonder'.

How do you know if a guy is interested in you?
Some girls hate it when they meet a guy and they have to guess if he's interested in them. There should be some common signals guys give out that indicates they are interested in a girl. Does any one know what a girl needs to look for? I suppose if a guys interested, he'll devote his attention to you, but sometimes I don't know if they're just being nice. So guys, what signals should us girls be aware of to let us know your interested in us? Tell us!

Why do guys say they'll call and never do?
There have been many times when a guy has told a girl he will call, but never does. This is one of the most annoying things girls hate about guys. Why do they do this? Is it easier to lie than admit your not intersted or don't have the time to go out? What is the real reason?

Do men date beautiful woman only?
Many men are determined to date woman who are only beautiful and attractive. Are you one of these guys? Or do you look beyond appearance when dating a woman?

How old is too old to be dating someone?
Some people feel dating someone who is older than you is acceptable. However, if you are too old people begin to look unfavorably on the relationship. Do you think there is a certain age that is too old? If someone is 20 or 30 years older in the relationship, is that considered abnormal? What does everyone think?

How to make a good impression on the first date?
Guys usually want to impress a girl on the first date. Some give a girl flowers and others give her a special card expressing his feeling for her. This is just a few ideas to make the date memorable. Does anyone else have suggestions to make a girl fall head over heals for you?

What not to bring on your date?
Dating can be very stressful, especially when you say or do things that make the date a disaster. So what not to bring on your first date?

What are some rejection lines given by woman?
Whenever men approach a girl for the first time, there is always that moment when they're nervous about what she is going to say to them. Sometimes they'll be nice and talk to guys, but there are others who are quick to give them a rejection line. Can anyone share some rejection lines they've gotten from girls before?

Do guys like woman with body piercing and tattoos?
Some people have always wondered what men think about girls who have body piercing and tattoos. Do they find them attractive? Or do they think it looks cheap and trampy? They are thinking of getting a tattoo on their lower back with a picture of a single red rose.

How to get a date if a guy is to shy to speak with a girl?
Some men like to think they're good looking guys, but when it comes to talking to girls, they tend to shy away from them. There have been plenty of girls who they'd love to talk to, but they just don't know the right words to say to them. Has anyone gone through this before? Does anyone know what they can do to break this cycle?

Are you brave enough?
I was wondering if anyone has ever dated someone without looking at their picture? I have come across of few people who have no picture, but I like their profile and have communicated with them through email. They seem very nice and I like their sense of humor. I am very tempted to go on a date, but I am a bit hesitant. What does everyone think? Has anyone gone on a date before with out seeing the person's picture. How did it work out for you?

Do men prefer blondes?
We seem to live in a society where men prefer woman who have blonde hair, blue eyes, and has a petite waist line. Are men really this shallow? Does it take a barbie doll to get your attention? Or do you have more standards in a gal?

Why do woman always want men to pay for everything?
Every guy know woman want to be treated special and is willing to do nice things for them, but why do they always expect us guys to pay for everything? Society is changing and I think the dating culture is too. What does everyone else think?

What do men think of woman who have sex on the first date?
Men always seem to have sex on their mind. So is that what they expect on the first date? If a girl does offer them sex, do you label her as a cheap slut? Or are you happy with a girl who makes you wait a long time for sex? Which one do you prefer?

What is the secret of a long term relationship?
Has anyone been in a long term relationship before? What's your secret is staying together for so long?

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