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Great fun meeting and dating Polish women

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I signed up for your website because I had been single for a while, noticed that it was free and thought why not. As soon as I registered I began to flick through the profiles, and quickly found that there was no shortage of pretty girls from all over Europe there, including rather a lot of Polish women. I started talking to, and eventually dating, quite a few Polish women that speak English through your website. I never know how different Polish culture was or what it was like to date a Polish woman before, they seem to have a genuine appreciation for men who aren't egotistical, don't brag about what they've got or assert themselves too much. Dating Polish women has opened my eyes; I've found more women that appreciate me for me than ever before in my life.

Polish women don't seem to be interested as much in appearances, flashy cars, flashy clothes and people who flaunt their wealth. Other things I appreciate about Polish women include their manners, generosity, kindness and how close they almost always are to their families. They're also great fun on a night out and lovely to talk to.

I haven't yet decided on a Polish woman to marry, but I've had great fun meeting and dating Polish women and learning about their culture and language through your site. The "I'd like to meet" link makes it easy for me to find people who fit my criteria with just the click of a button and so it doesn't take me long to meet a new Polish woman when I come online in the evening.

I'd also like to thank you for offering your website for free. Finding, contacting and dating Polish women would never be as easy as this on any other website and I'm glad that I use WestEastCafe. With no charge to email someone, I'm always finding someone new to talk to and meet up with on your website, with no hassle and without shelling out a fortune for a subscription service.

Basically, I'm just very glad I found your website and of all the Polish women I've met on there at no cost and with very little effort. Thanks for providing the great service that you do, keep it up because there's a lot of grateful people who use your site.


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