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Dating Horoscope Virgo (08/24 - 09/23)

Dating a Virgo Man

The best way to describe a Virgo man is: practical. This is a guy who likes things to be clear cut, to the point and simple, no fuss, no muss. Winning him over means being careful not to scare him away by being too flighty or goofy at first since he is so incredibly practical.

Something else that you should know about dating a Virgo man is that he gets off on showing a woman what he knows, so a great way to win him over is to ask him for help with anything under the sun! They are usually good at everything from home repairs to trivia, so ask him to help you fix something or explain something for you and he will be immediately drawn to you. He wants a woman who will be impressed by his skill and knowledge, so make sure that he knows you are.

For the most part, Virgo men are calm and may even come across as cold, but don't be fooled, because while he may be a calm person who is often on an even keel; he is also loving, tender and romantic when it comes to a woman he loves so resist the urge to kick him to the curb when he doesn't show a whole lot of emotion or enthusiasm at first. He may seem stoic, but he can rock your world like no other!

Dating a Virgo Woman

Virgo women are practical, unusually organized and very intelligent which means that to attract her, you can't be a slouch! There is no need to go overboard on the extravagance when dating a Virgo woman because this won't impress her nearly as much as the simple things like; being on time, keeping things tidy and organized and peaceful.

Virgo women aren't highly expressive, so finding a man who will be can offer a nice balance for her. While she'll be attracted to someone who seems pretty safe and 'normal' who has his life in order; in the long run she'd be happiest with someone who also has a bit of a relaxed and laid back streak who can tear her away from being so serious and show her a good time and make her let loose on occasion.

Don't be discouraged about dating a Virgo woman because of her practicality, because as 'boring' as it may sound; a Virgo woman is intensely passionate and even erotic when she meets someone that she is really into. Lurking under the conservative clothes and pile of 'To Do' lists is a fiery and sensual creature just waiting for the right opportunity to come out!

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