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Dating Horoscope Taurus (04/21 - 05/20)

Dating a Taurus Man

The Taurus man is a practical one who likes routine and stability that sometimes borders on rigidity. He is not the wandering type, so if you are looking for a stable man who will be faithful, then dating a Taurus man is a great way to go.

In order to attract him and keep him, you need to be willing to give in and accept his slightly possessive nature and make it clear to him that you want him and no one else. Your plan to entice him should be just as he is: predictable and simple. There is no need to play too hard to get with this one as he's happiest when he knows what's going on and where he stands with you. Playing too many games here will only drive him away and into the arms of a woman who shows him that she wants him like no other.

The Taurus mans need for security and routine can be a little frustrating if you're someone who is spontaneous because he quite simply, is not. If you can find a way to live with that and be okay with knowing that your plans will need to be made in advance and that he will not be too happy when you throw him for a loop, then you will in turn gain the love of a man who will be reliable, hardworking and ever-faithful to you.

Dating a Taurus Woman

A Taurus woman needs stability when it comes to her mates, so in order to attract her, you will need to be able to show her that you are stable in every way; from financially to personally. Her need for stability means having to show her that you really want to be with her for the long haul; expressions of love and intention are a must to win her over.

Her need for reliability and routine is apparent in all she does and you will notice that she takes the time to think about every decision she is about to make. Your best bet is to never rush her. Show her that you are reliable by not breaking promises and by being there for her when she needs you as this will be her biggest turn on. Show her in every way that you can that she is the only woman you love and she will be your forever.

Dating a Taurus woman may seem like an awful lot of work, but the payout will be worth it as you will end up with a wonderful, caring, devoted woman who will happily show you her love and gratitude in the most loving and sensual ways imaginable. She is definitely worth the effort.

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