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Dating Horoscope Sagittarius (11/23 - 12/21)

Dating a Sagittarius Man

Dating a Sagittarius man is quite the challenge because you are dealing with the sign that most enjoys his freedom and being a bachelor. This is a guy who gets the most pleasure in life out of adventure and being free to do anything and everything on a whim, so trying to get him to commit will not be easy. First, you need to appeal to his sense of adventure and make a point of not being the kind of girl that makes him feel restricted or trapped in any way.

He's attracted to the kind of woman who seems like she's up for anything, so if you have the stomach to try something daring like skydiving; then you're in luck! Showing him that you'll try anything at least once will prove exciting and likely gain his attention. You need to keep at it if you want to keep his attention though.

This is a man who likes to play hard in every aspect of his life, meaning that he's constantly on the move and looking for adventure. Luckily this zest for life also applies to sex, so you can be sure that in that arena, you'll have an awesome time; as long as you can keep up! And if you can't; then chances are he won't give you many more rematches.

Some final tips for dating the Sagittarius man; if you manage to woo him with your love of sports and adventure, you need to remember to be easy going and let some things slide with minimal drama. If he decides that he wants to head out for a weekend of fishing with the guys, you better resist the urge to fight it and just smile and let him go, because anything else will make him feel trapped and remind him why he loves his freedom.

Dating a Sagittarius Woman

You need to be one smart guy to land a Sagittarius woman and keep her! This is someone who is incredibly smart and expects a man who can keep her intellect stimulated at all times. She loves travel and adventure more than most women and needs someone who will want the same.

Since this is a woman who is truly turned on by intellectual conversation, you need to be a great listener if you plan on dating a Sagittarius woman. You will never be bored on a date with her because she will always have something interesting to say and be up for trying new things.

She may seem high maintenance on some levels, but in the end, this is a girl who is genuinely sweet and just wants to be with someone who shares her passions and is willing to express them and explore them with her, a small price to pay for the excitement that your future with her would surely hold.

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