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Dating Horoscope Pisces (02/21 - 03/20)

Dating a Pisces Man

Dating a Pisces man is a dream come true for all of you girly-girls who love romance and all things emotional! Pisces men are romantic and emotional creatures who crave true love like no other sign. They are sensitive and compassionate and long for a true connection & a soul mate. To win him over you need to be sweet and forthcoming with your feelings and make sure he knows that you feel things for him that you never dreamed possible.

This is someone who can read you like a book without your ever having to say a word because he is very intone with others. Pisces men are philosophical and creative and very sensitive. This can be really appealing to some but prove a bit much for others because this much sensitivity often means having to tread carefully to not hurt his feelings which just turns him against you without warning.

If you find yourself truly caring for him when dating a Pisces man, then you could be in for the romance of your life, but if you're not sure how you feel, then you may want to get out before he senses it to avoid making an enemy.

Dating a Pisces Woman

Just like the male Pisces; she is sensitive, caring and romantic. You'll do best with her if you yourself are a kind man who knows how to treat a woman delicately since her feelings are easily hurt. She needs someone who will appreciate the fact that she is selfless and will put the needs of others before her own. If you like truly sweet girls, then dating a Pisces woman will definitely be your cup of tea.

Pisces women are generally turned off by men who come on too strong or are overtly sexual or crude, so be on your best behavior if you want to win her over. She may seem too good to be true at times because of her kindness and devotion, but know that it is all genuine & she is a good girl!

You'll do best by taking her to romantic and intimate restaurants or for walks in the park since it will cater to her hopeless-romantic side. Choose your words with her carefully to avoid any upset and be gentle in all you do with her; unless she says otherwise. If you're a genuinely good guy; it won't be long before she realizes it which will make dating the Pisces woman a breeze.

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