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Dating Horoscope Leo (07/23 - 08/23)

Dating a Leo Man

If you like macho men who are very sure of themselves, then it's no surprise that you want to date a Leo man. Leo's are ruled by their egos and are very much a man's man which is apparent the second you meet them by the way they carry themselves. These men are always attract to women because of their confidence and charisma and they know it!

Dating a Leo man means accepting that he wants to be the king of the castle at any cost. He expects to be treated like the man he believes he is and while this may sound too egotistical for your liking; he does in fact have other amazing qualities that will make you want to stroke his ego again and again and again. Leo men are warmhearted, caring and hardworking, so if you can get past the fact that he can be a little possessive in the beginning when he is still trying to make sure that you are 'his', then you will have the absolute pleasure of being with a man who is a exactly that a man in every essence of the word.

The best way to win over a Leo Man? With lots of praise and devotion. Like I said; they are ruled by their ego, so the more you do to coddle and please the ego, the more harder he will fall for you.

Dating a Leo Woman

A Leo woman is a strong woman who can be demanding at times. She expects the best and will rarely settle for less and this is the case in dating as well. This is a woman who knows what she wants and knows how to manipulate her man into wanting the same things without him even realizing she is doing it! Dating a Leo woman works out well for a guy who is strong, yet okay with letting her be in charge.

If you're unemployed and can't afford to give her some great gifts; then a Leo woman is not for you! This is a woman who wants to have it all and needs a partner who can help her get it. She has big dreams, elaborate plans and the tenacity to go after them, so you need to be willing to do what you can to help her.

Really want to win over the Leo woman? Make a point of letting her know how amazing and beautiful she is & and mean it! While she isn't quite as egotistical as her male counterpart; she like to have her ego stroked, so keep that in mind and you will get her to melt at least a little.

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