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Dating Horoscope Gemini (05/21 - 06/21)

Dating a Gemini Man

The Gemini man is witty, charming and charismatic, so attract him; you will need to be able to keep him on his toes like no other since you will likely have some competition. This is a man who is so dynamic that he attracts attention wherever he goes an with all those other opportunities; you need to find a way to stand out above the rest by appealing to all of his senses, while also keeping in mind that he loves variety like no other and may never really be fully yours.

The best way to win and keep him is to be spontaneous and keep things as exciting as possible. This can prove tiresome for some women, but if you're sure he is what you want, then it is worth a try! First off, try not to be clingy or needy or you'll turn him off quickly. Keep things light and mysterious so he's never entirely sure of what's coming as this will keep him curious, peaking his curiosity is key.

Dating a Gemini man means offering him a challenge and catering to his need to find things out and you can do this by never divulging too much about yourself so that he is constantly trying to figure you out for himself. This also has a lot to do with his need for constant mental stimulation. When it comes to matters of dating and sex; stimulate his mind as well as his senses and you will get a lot further.

Dating a Gemini Woman

This is an exciting woman who is full of life and enthusiasm and needs a man who can keep up and arouse her curiosity time and time again. As she is so wonderful, it should come as no surprise that she likely has quite a few admirers which means that you have some work to do if you want to win out above the rest.

To attract her, you need to be willing to stimulate her in every way, so brush up on your current affairs and have plenty to discuss for starters and be armed with some great ideas for dates to places that will appeal to her desire for visual and intellectual stimulation like a museum. Dating a Gemini woman means dating the most verbal of all the Zodiac signs, so be ready to have some smart and witty conversations; lots of them actually!

Her need for excitement, mental stimulation and variety is also apparent in matters of the bedroom, so be ready to pull out all of the stops to woo her and brace yourself for a great time as she is up for anything! Her desire to try anything and everything may prove a bit intimidating for some, but is definitely worth it if you can handle it.

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