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Dating Horoscope Capricorn (12/22 - 01/20)

Dating a Capricorn Man

Dating a Capricorn man is not for the flighty or the immature because this is a man who thrives on stability, reliability and responsibility. Did I mention tradition? It's not as boring as it sounds especially for a woman who likes a take-charge kind of man. If you want someone who will dominate and take control of the situation in and out of the bedroom, then you're on the right track by dating a Capricorn man. This doesn't mean though that you need to be some wallflower on the contrary! Capricorn men enjoy a woman who is powerful and strong in her life, but willing to let him be the authority when together.

He isn't all about seriousness though as this sign tends to have quite the sense of humor and wants someone who knows how to have a good laugh. As strong as he may be, he still needs a woman who will be sweet and tender with him and show him how much she cares for him. He is one that needs to know that he is admired and appreciated, so don't hold back on the affection.

If you can be a strong and diplomatic woman who can bend to his whim and let him take the initiative in the relationship, then you'll end up with the sign that is considered to be one of the best husbands of the zodiac.

Dating a Capricorn Woman

You need to be a mature and patient man if you plan to get anywhere with a Capricorn woman. She doesn't like to be jerked around in any way, shape or form and will not tolerate someone who is anything less than responsible. This has its worth though because she is someone who takes the time to be the best person that she can be and simply expects the same in return.

If you're looking to impress her, you may as well stop trying to do so with your sexy boyish charm or wit, since this is someone who will be attracted to a guy who has it together more than anything. These women are often mistaken for being materialistic, but the fact is that they are just in need of guaranteed stability as opposed to being gold-digger's. The fact that they tend to be drawn to older men certainly doesn't help their reputation!

Make a point of being honest and respectful and show her that you can look after her and you'll have your best chances at a dating a Capricorn woman and keeping her.

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