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Dating service from Belgium to find a wife from Russia

Dating in Belgium has been much easier since I started using your site instead of placing endless personal ads on craigslist. I was on the verge of paying a dating service within Belgium before I found your website and man, am I happy that I did. I've always been kind of a shy guy, and moving to a country with two national languages that I didn't speak didn't exactly help me in social situations either in short, I've found dating in Belgium to be difficult in the past but not any more! My friend Erick had used your dating service from Belgium to find a wife from Russia several years ago but he promised me that your site would work just as well to help me start dating in Belgium. Personal ads just aren't popular enough in Belgium for them to be a good enough solution and I really didn't have the money for a conventional dating service in Belgium, though I was on the verge of paying for one anyway.

I have to say, after just ten minutes on your website I had started chatting to a wonderful Belgian girl by the name of Sarah and soon we were meeting up, going out on dates e.t.c e..t c She's a wonderful girl and I don't know if I'd ever have met her if I'd used a Belgian dating service or placed personal ads in Belgium before I came over. Belgium is a much friendlier country now that I've found your website, the only dating service in Belgium that I would ever use. Hopefully I'll continue seeing Sarah and any other Belgian girls I find using your website and I can avoid the personal ads indefinitely whilst still dating in Belgium.

I hope to continue dating Belgian girls without having to place personal ads, using nothing except WestEastCafe it's the only dating site I can afford :-D It's such a great, popular but free website with many attractive and friendly ladies using it'how could the personal ads compare, really? WestEastCafe is certainly working for me so far, in fact I have another date lined up for the weekend thanks to finding your dating service since I came to Belgium.

Anyway, thanks a bunch and I hope you keep the site going, because it's definitely coming in useful to me at the moment.

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