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Best dating service in Italy for anyone who speaks English

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Bongiorno! I am just writing to you from Milano to thank you for the wonderful dating service that you operate between Italy and the rest of Europe. Dating in Italy is hard, what with all of the lecherous Italians competing for the affections of every woman who walks past whether she looks vaguely interested or not! But, since I've moved here I've found WestEastCafe indispensable! Instead of placing lots of personal ads when I got to Italy, I decided to try your website out first and it was well worth the time and effort! Lots of sophisticated, English-speaking Italian women use your dating service to find similar minded men from around the world and after signing up, I found there was no shortage of Milanese women hoping to find a man for some "English practice" using your website as a dating service in Italy!

I've had a great time dating in Italy thanks to your website and I'm sure many others who use your dating service whilst using Italy can find the same success. It really is much easier (and cheaper!) to post personal ads in Italy using your website than it is to try one of the Italian newspapers or even dating services. Thanks to your site, after having lived in Italy only a few months I have had dates with several women without having to pay for any personal ads or subscribe to an Italian dating service.

Yours is probably the best dating service in Italy for anyone who speaks English and doesn't want to fork our hundreds of euros a year on fees. It's made dating in Italy much easier for me as well as some of my expat friends whom I have referred to your site.

So, in short, thank you for the service you provide and for making dating in Italy much easier and cheaper. It's hard to imagine now what my life would be like without all the friends I've made via WestEastCafe or if I'd attempted to use any other dating service in Italy. Thanks for all the hard work.

P.S My friends did a little experiment and found that their profiles in WestEastCafe received far more responses than placing personal ads in Italy itself or signing up for a conventional dating agency in Italy. Your site clearly works better than just about everything else on the market!

Yours Sincerely
Matthew Collins

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