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Me and Bettina thought we'd better write you for the part you played in bringing her and I together through your online German personal ads service. Ever since she logged into your online dating service from Germany (Bavaria, in fact) and I found your website by searching for "dating germany" in google, we've been chatting regularly using your website and, inevitably ended up falling in love. It's hard to find a good, English language dating service that operates in Germany and helps Brits like me to start dating girls from Germany, but yours does the job!

Newspaper personal ads in Germany are rarely answered by anyone younger than their fourties, whereas your website is full of younger German women such as Bettina. It's the best dating service operating in Germany that I've found. Anyway, me and Bettina have met up several times now and are very much in love, and all thanks to your free personal ads service being available in Germany.

Dating in Germany is something that I've found difficult ever since I've moved here. The language and culture barrier is immense, and German women can be rather fussy. However, your site helped me start dating in Germany with women who spoke perfect English and without having to grapple with local German-language personal ads.

Bettina and I eventually met through your website and we've been together for three months this Tuesday, which is why we decided to write to you. We'd like to thank you for creating such a great free dating service for everyone in Germany and the rest of Europe to use. Thank you very much for providing such a great tool to help those single expats not used to dating in Germany.

Without your website I may not have met the love of my life or even if I had, I probably would have been charged ?20 a month just to speak to her! You provide a great service by keeping it running and I just hope that sharing my story in some way inspires you to carry on maintaining your site. Thanks for all you do to manage this dating service for Germany and Europe and on behalf of all the couples that you've brought together via WestEastCafe, best wishes and every blessing for the future. We can't tell you much happier we are thanks to you and your website.

God Bless,
Alistair Cooke

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